Knowledge Management

Management of business knowledge requires appropriate tools and continuous efforts

Knowledge is the most valuable intangible property of any company. Their value is particularly evident when a new employee takes over. At Bits2b we help companies improve performance by effectively managing their knowledge using intuitive tools.

Training a new person can significantly accelerate the Aphinit, which is a tool of knowledge management. The cost of acquiring and operating the Aphinit is rapidly returning as readily available and well-arranged knowledge improves employee performance.

We are proud partner of the Aphinit. We can provide for you:

  • Install and set up Aphinit
  • Training for all types of users: principles of knowledge management and practical skills in working with the tool
  • Help create an initial metamodel for Aphinit
  • Technical connection with business metadata sources using the appropriate connectors
  • Training of technical and business administrators
  • Technical support for upgrades
  • Outsourcing of content creation and technical reports