Data Integration

Enterprise data is the most valuable corporate asset and its effective management is the cornerstone of successful companies.

Companies often fail and are ineffective when they need to use data for other than the primary purpose of the application, or when they need to use data from multiple data sources. Such use of data requires considerable effort, expertise and is always associated with a number of difficulties, limitations and risks.

We help companies in such situation be more efficient and to focus on what they are really good at.

Provided services:

  • Automated extraction and transfer of data (ETL), including validation and transformation
  • Consolidating of data from disparate data sources into a central repository (data marts or data warehouses)
  • Data modeling and historization of your data
  • Data profiling and data cleansing
  • Set automated monitoring and control of data quality
  • Set an efficient data management in your company (master data management)