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  • Intuitive information management tool
  • Visually impressive and clear system
  • Flexible model that adapts to your needs
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What can Aphinit offer to you

Aphinit thanks to its flexible model, brings different use cases into one tool, combines the knowledge together and effortlessly serves one model for the whole company knowledge starting from data, ending with HR process, starting from list of customers and their services ending with marketing reports description.

All the knowledge is not locked, our unique system ContextEngine can automatically work with other systems in Your company and help them be more user-friendly, give meaningful answers and work as your buddy in the jungle of company internal systems, process, culture etc.

Knowledge in companies offers enormous potential to create competitive advantage. However, most companies do not fully know how to monetize their knowledge.

Knowledge sits in the heads of people, mostly a few, and is often represented in spreadsheets, documents and emails. Spreading and applying the knowledge to a broader group of colleagues is cumbersome. Finding the right information can be tedious.

Wouldn't it be great to start monetizing your knowledge with a tool that helps you and your colleagues to work more efficiently and minimize the time spent searching for information?

That's what Aphinit can do for you!

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