About us

Bits2b s r.o. is a Czech consulting company founded in 2014 with the idea that Business Intelligence (BI) can be better and less expensive than was the established standard.

Through data, we help companies to be more efficient and focus on what they want and what they are good at. Those days when BI was only available to the largest companies, it took more than a year to implement and cost tens of millions of crowns, are gone.

"You can have data without information but you cannot have the information without data."

 Daniel Keys

We believe...

... that Business Intelligence can help even the small and medium businesses.

... that BI is not a product, that the right solution architecture is just a prerequisite of a success. BI is rather a service.

... that BI is all about the people on both sides, the client and supplier and their communication.

... that communication should be clear - that all the buzzwords designed to make an impression that you have to be a "true" expert and solutions have to be "really" expensive can in fact be avoided.

Our team

Martin Sakala

Managing director


Martin Veselý

Managing director


David May

Sales Manager